World Needs Vigilantes More Than Ever

Context: I came across a post on Reddit, which said that there is this Hercules guy, who is on a killing spree. He finishes rapists who are above law and wealthy. The post sought whether such kind of Vigilante Justice is right for us.

Is Hercules Doing It Right?

Well, the System would hunt him down, if he keeps alone. He should start recruiting, establish ground rules and put more effort in diversifying modus operandi. This will make him stronger, secure and more effective in terms of decision making.

What if he kills an Innocent

Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka have a close knit social fabric. Its not a Herculean task to background research a person. In almost all the cases public and police know if allegations are true, the only problem is proving it to the judiciary, but judiciary is a bitch of accused in good number of cases. Police don’t do it because such cases

  1. Attract too much of political attention and implicit motives, OR
  2. No attention at all, so no point in taking action since this won’t lead to any progress career-wise for the cops, OR
  3. No monetary gains involved since both victim and accused belong to low income class, OR
  4. If some good cop do start to investigate legitimately then more often than not he or she is pulled out of such cases fearing that he or she is gonna grab a lot of attention and hence his or her chances to go up the ladder increases. We all know how in these countries people are more interested in sabotaging other’s effort out of jealousy.

Is Hercules doing Right?

The world already suffers at least 2.5 million rapes per year (a conservative approximation). The so called system is already filled with 92–95% money/power hungry folks. In such a system, uprising of vigilante justice might help in cleansing it either by death or by fear.

Many will disagree that fear cannot be a component of a system (and lots of humanitarian and morally justified blah blah blah). But please understand this

You are not up against some person whose moral compass has taken a 180° swing. You are against people who are instinctively pervert, angry, frustrated and inhuman. Their moral compass itself justifies their actions.

This might come as a surprise but some good woman interviewed rapists in Tihar jail of India, and majority of them expressed that they did the right thing. They believed that she totally deserved it. So it’s like you have a man-eater tiger, you either keep it caged or kill it. But have you ever seen a man-eater being tamed. Well I don’t think so you’ve witnessed one.

In short, we need fear to be embedded deep in the minds of these lunatics and gain self-clarity on Human vs Humanity.

We are supposed to save humanity not humans.